2017 Yin Fire Rooster Cure Card Kits are available!  Kits include nine yearly cure cards and 9 monthly cure cards plus 3 sigil cards for protection (to carry in your wallet or car). Cost for the kits is $25.00 and can be ordered here.

2017 Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

may be just as complex as the Fire Monkey with a lot of intrigue and jockeying for power. Each individuals four pillar chart differs as do the yearly aspects.

Four Pillar Charts

​4 Pillar Charts Reading

I use the four pillar chart as the basis for my consultations.  Four pillar charts, also called the Paht Chee, are a type of Chinese astrology based upon your date and time of birth.  This chart consists of four animals — there are 12 in the Chinese calendar — and elements — there are 5 elements, each element either being yin or yang in nature.  The combination of the elements and animals is like a map of a persons desires, inspirations, aspirations, and emotions. The four pillar charts are unique to every individual. The example of a four-pillar chart in the graphic contains more information that is explained during the consultation. The elements are an important part of the four pillar reading and the relationships among the elements are also explained during a consultation.

​4 Pillar Chart Reading $175.00

Includes the four pillar chart, an analysis of the elemental makeup, animal makeup and characteristics of the animals, yin/yang balance, ming gua number (best and worst directions for living spaces), and 10-year luck pillar analysis.  Charts come with a phone consultation where I explain the chart and how to use it to enhance your living and working environments